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Arizona has the ideal climate for solar power installation. If you live in Arizona it is very likely you have more than 4,000 hours of sunshine in a year which is perfect for solar energy. Going solar is the ideal solution for the rising cost of electricity and energy bills. Solar power is clean and renewable energy; you can use solar energy to heat your home, run an electric water heater, heat pool water and for large solar power systems, to power a portion of your home. For solar systems we service all of Arizona including: Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Glendale, Peoria, Scottsdale, Prescott, Tucson, Sedona and Flagstaff.

There are more and more homes in Arizona who are now switching to reliable solar power. More and more homeowners are also enjoying major tax credits that are given to solar power users. And if you think that you and your family are ready to embrace this new clean and alternative energy source then the best company to call is Arizona Solar Installation Pros.

Go Solar and Save MoneyArizona Solar Installation Pros is one of the most trusted names in the business with the most solar power installation jobs in the state. Satisfied customers are not just beaming of the impressive new technology and the solar tax credits that they receive but the impressive technical installation and customer service that experts from Arizona Solar Installation Pros provide. There are so many reasons why you should choose Arizona Solar Installation Pros for solar for your home or business:


  • Arizona Solar Installation Pros provides excellent customer education about solar energy and the equipment used for harnessing solar power. Customer education is given before and after equipment installation by an expert technician/installer. Educating homeowners and business owners regarding operation, simple troubleshooting tips and maintenance of solar equipment is very important in any installation process.
  • Expert installers will get to work without disruption of family business and with the interest of the homeowner. Safety of their workers as well as your safety is their number one priority when it comes to installation and repairs.
  • All paperwork is explained to the homeowner especially those concerning tax credit qualifications, tax exemptions and rebates.
  • Installations are quick and operating the equipment is very easy. Arizona Solar Installation Pros offers the most updated solar power equipment models with the best warranty above all other brands. Trust that you get the most high quality and updated models to fit your family or business needs.
  • Your transition from using electricity and relying power from the electrical company will be smooth; you will just be able to use solar energy for heating your homes and top operate your water heater but pretty soon you will have solar energy for your entire home.
  • Installations are licensed, bonded and are insured. Technicians are a part of an expert installation, repair and maintenance team that have years of experience in the state of Arizona. No other team will provide expert installation for solar for homes or solar for businesses than Arizona Solar Installation Pros.

Repair and Maintenance


  • Solar panels and solar power equipment are maintained far less than any other alternative energy equipment source. You don’t need constant repairs done and certainly maintenance costs are very low but in the event that you do need expert repair service, count on Arizona Solar Installation Pros to get the job done as soon as you call.
  • All repairs and maintenance are done the same day without disrupting your business and your family life. Repair and maintenance technicians schedule visits according to your time and will call before they proceed to your home.
  • Your safety is Arizona Solar Installation Pros number one priority and all repair technicians practice total customer satisfaction as well as keep safety and security in mind.

Arizona Solar Installation Pros is here to serve you with the most up to date installation techniques and solar power equipment. Your move to solar power is the smartest choice you have ever made as a family member and as a homeowner. Consider not only savings and rebates for your family in the future but also an increase in the overall market value of your home when you install solar power equipment. Today is the best day to go solar and Arizona Solar Installation Pros is the best team to call now! Contact us or visit our blog for additional information regarding going green and adding solar to your home.

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